Promotion for unnamed feature bundle

Challenge: Use an interstitial log-in page to drive traffic to preview an unbranded bundle of balance-preview features in Bank of America Online Banking.
Solution: Align features bundle with a concept of users "looking into the future" of their finances.  

Online payroll upgrade

Challenge: Use interstitial log-in page format to drive Bank of America Easy Online Payroll service users to upgrade to premium tier.
Solution: Lead with a header that links benefit to the upgrade and flesh out details in body copy.

Transfer funds limits

Challenge: Use log-in interstitial page to drive targeted Bank of America online customers to enjoy higher limits on funds transfers.
Solution: Speak to primary benefit in headline and flesh out details of further benefits in body copy.

Cash-back debit card

Challenge: Use email format to promote PayPal's initial debit card offering to consumers.
Solution: Use header and subject line to highlight primary cashback benefit and body copy to detail further benefits.