Credit myths debunked: the "credit Yeti" banner

Challenge: Use the front-page masthead format to drive traffic to BofA credit education page that contains links to application pages for various credit products.
Solution: Align "credit myths" concept with well-known Bigfoot myth.  
 Top-performing masthead during week of release with a .44% click-through rate.

Small changes/big savings - animated ad

Challenge: Use a small 4-frame animated ad format that leads customers to click through to Bank of America's savings-tips page and sign up for a savings account.
Solution: Make it real to the customer by plugging in the numbers. Associate BofA savings account directly with the results of everyday savings.

Emergency savings fund - interstitial page

Challenge: Drive Bank of America online customers to BofA emergency savings tips page in pursuit of eventual savings account sign-ups.
Solution: Create a short interstitial page at customer sign-out that highlights both the importance of emergency funds and how a fund should fit individual customer needs.