INVESTMENT team brand refresh

Challenge:  Promote the renaming of the Advantis Credit Union investment team by reemphasizing the value of its service offerings for members.

Solution: Leverage both web assets and newsletter channels to announce the name change to Wealth Management team and highlight core brand proposition.

Wealth Mgmt all assets.jpg



Challenge:  Use short-format online ads to promote Merrill Edge's branded Outlook market predictions in 2015 and 2016.

Solution:  For 2015's optimistic Outlook, portray growth in broad, macro terms. For 2016's more cautious take, emphasize a more personalized take on individual investor opportunities and specific proscriptions ("equities over bonds"). 




"come-back" INVESTMENT management

Challenge:  Use an interstitial ad format to drive Bank of America customers to their Merrill Edge investment accounts or get them to open one.

Solution:  Capture their attention before they log out and highlight the convenience of integrated banking/investment management.